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Designed specially for high speed looms. It is ideal for avoiding breakage of Heddles & increasing the weaving efficiency. Endloops neither bend nor break, therefore Heddles do not get unhooked from the carrying rods. It can be used on light carrying rods - cross section 0.9 X 1.5 mm.

Sunfil Eye


Sunfil Eye, indeed a revolution in the design thread eye, is the ultimate assurance of perfection in weaving. The eye has a winning combination of real virtues - well researched design, ability to settle at precise angles and smooth, immensely polished surfaces. All these make it possible for the wrap yarn, however delicate, to pass through the eye almost with minimum friction even at high speed, minimizing the risk of micro-filamentation breakage or jam.

This results into longevity of the heddle and finer quality of the end product. it also ensures less break downs in the process and reduced energy consumption. The extra precisely finished round edges of the heddle doesn't give any room for pilling or rupturing to the finest yarn.

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