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Drop wires

Length : 80mm to 269 mm
Width : 7mm -15 mm
Thickness: 0.2mm - 1.00 mm

. Mechanical Warp Stop Motion
. Electrical Warp Stop Motion


. Stainless Steel (Inox)
. Electro Nickel Plating
. Zinc Plating (with Unichrome Blue Finish)
. Golden Yellow Finish (Lateral)

Drop wires

Drop wires are a vital part of the contemporary weaving process. They detect warp yarn rupture and make it possible to solve the problem without much quality loss of the fabric. Our Drop Wires go impeccable with the loom type and speed entering system, yarn characteristics and stop the motion, as and when required .The result is improved fabric quality and maximum efficiency due to minimization of false stops.SUN Brand Drop wires comply with every application requirement for efficient operation on all types of looms.

Suitable for all types of Automatic Drawing-In Machines

We also make customized dimension as per request. A sample of draft is required.

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