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Heald Frames
Heald Frames are made from the best technology available with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, resulting into finest product to withstand tremendous stress, vibration and abrasion at very high speed; significant for the jet era of weaving machines.

High Strength anodized aluminum alloy staves (profiles) are used to withstand the vibrations and abrasions at high speed. Special noise absorbing material reduces noise to minimum.

Intermediate supports are designed to withstand stress and stabilize the frame structure depending on the weaving machines and weaving situations.

Heald rods with perfect round edges made of hardened stainless steel are used both for "J" Type and "C" Type.

Lateral supports are designed to efficiently fit with the staves and to withstand high speed of weaving machines.

Driving elements are available for all types of shed forming and all make of machines.

Separators are made of special wood and glued to the frame staves with perfect positioning.

Frames for


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